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We produce and install stretch ceilings for each of you at a bargain price and unique technology for more than 15 years in the Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye and Kharkov regions.

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    Profitable offer


    -15% for pensioners. A discount of -15% of the contract value is provided to customers who have reached retirement age.


    From May 1 to May 15, there is a promotion for the second ceiling of the smallest area. *Promotion not valid at the moment

    Installment plan

    We provide the opportunity to pay for your order in installments without interest. This is our internal installment

    We are recommended and chosen

    • Installation teams with experience of 10 years or more. Installation of ceilings / structures of any level of complexity, quick installation, compliance with technology. We constantly improve the level of qualification of our employees through trainings, master classes and participation in stretch ceiling championships.
    • Professional advice from our technologist will help you save time and money. Thanks to the accurate and correct calculation of the measurer, the work of the installation team will be carried out quickly and efficiently.
    • Own production of stretch ceilings. The possibility of installing the ceiling within 2-5 days after the conclusion of the contract. We use quality, odorless materials.
    • We provide an extended 11 year warranty. We guarantee that for 11 years your ceilings will retain their color, shape and strength of the seams. Moreover, stretch ceilings are practically maintenance-free.
    • Individual approach to each client. We select materials, harmoniously fitting stretch ceilings into the interior of the room. Drawing up layouts
    • Flexible system of discounts



    Area from 11.4 m2
    Price from 2257 UAH


    Area from 16.5 m2
    Price from 2937 UAH


    Area from 8.4 m2
    Price from 1831 UAH


    Area from 3.9 m2
    Price from 1318 UAH

    We will surprise you with a wide range


    Ceilings have always been considered one of the most noticeable elements in any room, so even the slightest flaws can greatly affect the appearance of the entire room. Irregularities, plaster that has lost its original appearance, spots and other flaws are immediately evident. That is why it is important to have a perfectly flat, clean and attractive ceiling, which is perfect for any interior. In order to immediately rid themselves of all possible problems, many make the right choice in favor of stretch ceilings. This is ideal for both small and medium-sized spaces. You can order a stretch ceiling in the R+ workshop at the best prices!

    Why choose a stretch ceiling?

    This solution is very profitable and has a number of advantages among all ceiling design technologies:

    • A perfectly flat surface that perfectly masks any defects, stains, wires and other factors that spoil the appearance of the room.
    • Dust and dirt do not accumulate on the surface of the ceiling, so they will retain their original appearance for a long time.
    • The material from which the product is made does not contain substances that can cause an allergic reaction, and the ceilings are also safe for animals.
    • Stretch ceilings are guaranteed to protect you from possible flooding by neighbors or water from the roof.
    • Ceilings have a long service life, which means you do not have to change the ceiling for the next 15 years.
    • They do not absorb the smell, which means they are suitable for any room.

    Installation of stretch ceilings

    Rpluss will install a stretch ceiling in Pavlograd, Ternovka and Pershotravensk. The installation is carried out exclusively by professionals in their field, so you can not worry about the quality of the work performed. For many years of working with clients, we have installed stretch ceilings in bedrooms, kitchens, nurseries, corridors and many other rooms of any kind, complexity and size.

    In addition to the high qualifications of the R+ workshop employees, an important factor is the use of high-quality and innovative technology, which allows you to speed up the process of installing stretch ceilings. You can be sure of the quality of our work!

    How to order stretch ceilings?

    Buying a stretch ceiling is quite simple. First of all, study the range of Rpluss and choose the option that suits you in terms of color, texture and size. For a more accurate result, you can consult with a specialist. Be sure to check out the price list for our services in the “stretch ceilings price” section. You can place an order directly on the site.

    Order the manufacture and installation of stretch ceilings right now!



      The cost of a stretch ceiling depends on several points:

      • the area of ​​​​the room in which the ceiling will be installed
      • the complexity of the shape of the ceiling
      • film type and width
      • number and type of recessed fixtures and chandeliers

      To find out the exact cost of a stretch ceiling for a particular room, call our manager (098) 262 11 88 and sign up for a FREE measurement!

      A stretch ceiling in a simple rectangular room of 20 sq.m is mounted on average about 2 hours. But there are points that can affect the installation time:

      • the complexity of the shape of the ceiling
      • number and type of fixtures
      • at what stage are the repair works and how prepared is the place for installing a stretch ceiling

      It is impossible to answer this question unambiguously. But we recommend that you first finish all the rough work, plaster and putty the surface of the walls, then install the stretch ceiling and then paste the wallpaper.

      But what if the wallpaper is already pasted? In this case, when working with the perforator, Rpluss installers use an industrial vacuum cleaner or a perforator with an integrated vacuum cleaner, which minimizes wallpaper dusting.

      Stretch ceilings are mounted on a profile, the width of which is about 3 centimeters. Accordingly, the ceiling will drop from the existing minimum by this distance. To install a chandelier, this stock is enough. 

      If you install spotlights for lighting, then the installers will start from the size of these fixtures.

      Usually, after our specialist has measured the room in which the stretch ceiling will be installed and signed an agreement with you, it takes 2-3 days to manufacture the required canvas and install it further.

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