Types of stretch ceilings

Each of us who is faced with the choice of a stretch ceiling has a number of questions:
  • choice of stretch ceiling color
  • texture selection
  • what are stretch ceilings
  • which manufacturer to choose
  • what color palette
  • what are the color rules

One of the reasons for the popularity of stretch ceilings is a large color palette. To decorate the room, you can choose bright saturated or pastel shades, metallic, glossy black or classic white, beige tones – it all depends on the design of the room. 

But what if you can’t decide? How to choose the color of the stretch ceiling so that it matches the interior? There are a number of recommendations that will help you choose the color.

Do not think that color is a matter of taste. The right choice will help you visually enlarge or reduce the room, create a certain atmosphere and adjust the lighting. To know what color of stretch ceiling to choose for a particular room, you need to take into account its purpose: a bedroom, a nursery, a kitchen, a bathroom, a living room, an entrance hall, a corridor, an office …

There are several principles that must be observed if you want to get a beautiful ceiling:
  • Do not mix more than three shades
  • Do not forget about harmony with the rest of the interior elements
  • If you want to use rich colors
  • try to make the walls in neutral shades

Observing them, you can choose the color of stretch ceilings, which will perfectly fit into the interior.

The classic colors of the stretch ceiling are, of course, white shades, as they will be combined with any style and with any color of interior decoration. However, everything is in the hands of the owners of the apartment – if there is a desire to get an exclusive version of the ceiling surface, the color of which will overlap with the design of furniture, wallpaper and flooring, then you can order any color from the catalog.

Be inspired by our ideas or look for your own, not forgetting the main principles of color matching, and we will help you with this.

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